Memories of Tom Mapp

Picture to come soon

It seems like so long ago, and yet when I stop and remember, it seems so much closer;

Tom Mapp and Jeff Powley were good friends, and often I was allowed to be part of their rather irreverent sense of humor. As graduation neared, the sillier we became, (as I am certain is true of most of the senior class).

I lost track of both Tom and Jeff after graduation, and I felt my heart sigh when I saw his name listed in "we remember" . I think we read the names hoping it isn't true.

Tom was a great friend and was always ready to cheer a person up with his impish grin and generous smiles. Perhaps others have more information on his life after school, but one thing I am certain of is that he continued to delight and surprise people all through his life with his friendship and smiles.

Even though this memory comes so many years after he left us, the remembrances are still sweet, and he, as all of those spoken for and those not yet remembered in words, were all part of the friendships at high school, and will always be fondly remembered.

I am so thankful I still have the kind and valued words of Tom and so many others in my yearbooks from Surrattsville.

Sonja Wagner (Weir Bowers)

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