A word about the "Rumble in Reno"

What a blast! The much-anticipated "Rumble in Reno" was better than we ever could have imagined. It was a week of conversation, camaraderie, laughter and downright silliness. Who could ask for anything more than enjoying the warmth and richness of longtime friendships in the spectacularly beautiful Carson Valley (other than TWO weeks!). Chris and Merry sure know how to throw a party. They were gracious and welcoming and eager to share their magnificent part of the country. They opened their home to us and allowed it to be used as base camp. Not only did we have fabulous planned activities, but also plenty of time to antique, hike, sightsee and just hang out. We are all so grateful for the hours and hours of planning and hard work it took to pull off this memorable event. As usual our inimitable "President for Life", Dave Crawley, said it best......

The Rumble in Reno, a tumble in Reno
At our age, a fumbling stumble in Reno.
We are the Hornets, so how could we miss
the SHS Rumble of Merry and Chris?
Thank you! And thank you!
And thank you so much!
For sushi boats, bus rides and
Cars we can't touch.
No one could mumble
or grumble in Reno.
In fact, it is hard
to be humble in Reno.
When Romine-types ramble
It's never a gamble.
So thanks for our rip-roaring
Rumble in Reno!


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