Memories of William (Billy) Wasson

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I became friends with Billy when I moved to Hillcrest Heights. He was what you call a sweetheart of a guy. His posse consisted of Duke LaBaumbard, Leonard Price, Mike Shema, John Cook, and a few of the older guys who attended Suitland High School. Leonard Price has passed away. I remember shivering next to Billy in an alcove at the Hillcrest Heights Shopping Center during those freeezing cold winters .We would share a cinnamon crisp and coffee (at least the Bakery was open at that ungodly hour) as we waited for that dreadful bus. The busride took so long it was amazing the amount of homework Billy could finish before class. I remember Billy yelling at the bus driver to turn off WPGC and turn on ---was it WOOK or WOL, Soul Radio? This was the bus which took all of the Hillcrest Heights students and disgorged us at Surrattsville. Billy and I practically prayed for the day we would turn 16 and some act of God would miraculously place a Maryland Driver's License in our hands so we could drive to school and escape the humiliation of being associated with that dopey bus. We hadnt thought about obtaining the car to go along with the license. Ah youth! Everything just falls into place doesnt it?

My mother liked and approved of Billy.

I lost touch with Billy when I left DC in 1967. I dont know how his life evolved. I remember him as a sweet friend with a kind personality, somewhat self deprecating, not really sure of himself in those days. Who was?

I hope he had a good life and no regrets. Those teenage years could be daunting and having Billy as a friend helped me to get through them.

Good night, sweet prince, hope to meet you again in another time and a better place.

Madeline Hayes Reese

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