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"Destin Take II with Surrattsville High School's Class of 1965"

Here are my views on Destin II
Nancy Lapin LoBianco

I'd been to the 10th reunion and also to the 20th reunion but, due to personal and/or business conflicts, I hadn't been able to attend any more since the 20th. I had a great time at the 20th and vowed that I would attend all the ones that followed - but I didn't. I love the website that you "master", Bill, and have checked it out time and again and enjoyed seeing all the photos and commentaries about the reunions and min-reunions that had been held over the years. Michael (Shema) started talking to me about the possibility of another reunion in Destin back in October or November in 2005. He was so enthusiastic about a Destin II, showed me photos of the first Destin, told me about the people and activities, and really got my interest. So, with his gentle prodding, I decided to go. I went with no expectations on how it would be - just went for the fun of it and hoped it would be as much fun as the one before. Looking back, it was kind of funny because, as the emails starting coming in about who was on the list to come and what activities were being proposed, every time I saw a familiar name (and actually, all the names were people I remembered - whether they remembered me or not), I kept putting the "high school face" with the name. I hoped they didn't put the "high school face" with my name because, after all, it was a little over 40 years since the graduation photos were taken! And I had only seen one person since the 20th who was coming to Destin. I wondered how much they had changed over the years - not so much physically as personality-wise. I wondered what had been happening in their lives. Did they experience the joys and sorrows, the good times and bad times, the loves and losses, as I had over the years? And I wondered if they would remember me.

No matter........ I was still going to Destin II.

The first thing that impressed me about Destin II (other than the absolutely beautiful resort, the gorgeous house and the room I had and, of course, my "fabulous roommate", along with our housemates Al and Candy Moroz, Pete and Vicki Williams, Chris and Michael Reeds, Midge Oetinger, Paula Conti, and KK Piper ) was the warm reception I was given by Patsy when we arrived. I didn't know Patsy very well at all in high school (just knew her as the beautiful girl with the long, blonde hair) but I had emailed and spoken to her a few times on the phone prior to Destin. Patsy set the tone for the many warm welcomes I received from the classmates that followed. It was so good seeing the Class of '65 again! I wish I could have spent more "one-on-one time" with more people. It was "interesting" to find out things that I never knew, prior to coming to Destin. For instance:

I never knew that I was Al Moroz's "favorite classmate" (!) (I really wasn't but he introduced me to his wife, Candy, that way to make-up for the fact that a few months before, he told Michael that he didn't remember me!)

I never knew that Midge Ivosevic got into big trouble with her father because she "kept a confidence" of mine. Poor Midge! What a loyal friend! Thank you, Midge!

I never knew that Larry Mothershead would remember that he and I went - not only to high school together - but also to elementary school and junior high school together.

And I never knew all those the years could possibly melt away when I saw Dave Crawley come through the door and give me a big hug and kiss!

Yes, the activities were all great - swimming in the wonderful warm waters of the Gulf, the dinner cruise, the bridal shower, Flamingo Night and the Crab Feast, and, of course, that fabulous "Hollywood Night" and the presentation of the very first "Horney Awards"! Patsy did an extraordinary job making it all come together (Patsy, thank you so much for all you did.) But even better was the chance to see my classmates again, meet their spouses, get to know them as the wonderful people they've become.

Back in 1973, when I was attending college, my sociology teacher told us about attending his class reunion and how many of the people had changed . He talked about how he thought everyone would always remember each other and keep in touch and how that didn't happen. Since sociology is the study of "Groups of People", his assignment that week was for the class to write a poem, essay, or short story about either a high school class or a college class and what changes came to that "Group of People". Well, I was going through a particularly hard time in my life when that assignment was given and I guess it reflected in the poem I wrote, as follows:


"The Mighty Class of '65"! United! Only Time can divide!
Some became soldiers off to war
Giving lives like others gone before.
Some became protesters to parade and shout
And never knew what it was all about.
Some became policemen and had to arrest
The old school friends they liked the best.
Some learned from experience and then became wise.
Some cheated and lied in order to rise.
Some married and had children to keep them together.
But that doesn't work. They should have known better.
Some know their old yearbook by memory
And think of the people they wished they could be.
Some gather regularly in order to see
If anyone present "looks older than me".
Some wish they could instantly vanish from sight
When they hear their old class may soon reunite.
See how TIME has come to divide
"The Mighty Class of '65. "

Well, that was written 33 years ago. After Destin II, I'm happy to say that the cynical poem I wrote back then does NOT hold true for the Class of '65. We're still united and we're doing just fine. So, thank you , Patsy Blue Williams and your husband, Ross, for all you did to reunite us at Destin II. Thank you, Carol Fite Mothershead, for all your help that made "Hollywood Night"and the "Horney Awards" such a success. Thank you, Bill Erdman, for doing such a great job as our Webmaster. Please know that all your hard work maintaining the website is greatly appreciated by all. Thank you to EVERYONE who came to Destin II. You gave me a wonderful experience - not to mention a whole lot of happy memories. And last but never least, thank you, Michael Shema, for telling me, "You're going!"

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