by Dave Crawley

A swarm of buzzing Hornets made a bee-line to the coast, To what was left of Florida, to drink a Merry toast. Destination Destin, and our destiny was clear: Half a jug of Woodbridge and foamy keg of beer.

From Genoa. From Vegas. From the Badger state they came. We'e rappin in their honor and we'll call them all by name.


Molly and her husband were the captains of their house. Compared with noisy neighbors it was quiet as a mouse. Until of course the chili came. The spices and the beans Led to middle night eruptions that were heard in New Orleans.


Then there was the party house, with Captain Bob Ginnett. He used to be a Colonel, but that's not his only fret. His barracks was so rowdy with rambunctiousness and fun, He'll be busted back to private by the time the week is done.

Poor Mary Beth and Nancy were sleeping right next door. To help them sleep we tried to keep the noise down to a roar. But with Michael Shema's stories and Judy Gordon's laugh They'd have a better chance of climbing a giraffe.

As always, Pete and Vicky are deserving of our cheers. She loved the school so much she stayed another 20 years From the desert sands of Texas, we welcomed Rick and Wendy. They've been coming to these things before these trips were trendy.

Annetta loved her shopping, though her husband found it boring. When she asked for his opinion she discovered Ron was snoring. Margie as per usual was breaking all the rules. While her friends were out antiquing she bought Black and Decker tools.

Bill Erdman always made things work, and I'm sure now he's runing it. Forty years have come and gone and my God he's still doing it. Dan Bonesteel led our class until he became a western resident. Though if Danny hadn't moved I wouldn't be your president.

Mr. Carmichael still whistles when he knows his team is losing. We saw our oldest Hornet, thanks of course to Norm and Susan. They each have different tastes, they say, and don't know what to cook. Susan's very friendly and Norm's an openbook.

I didn't make his book but that's okay I said. Most of Norman's characters seem to end up dead. Though I hear his golfing prowess filled his foursome full of dread. As poor Howie dodged a golf ball that was flying toward his head.

Poor Larry's lovely fishing boat never left the dock. The rest of us smiled inwardly and slept til nine o'clock. Of course, we have the Biker Babe, who's better known as Carol. Thanks to Pat and Barbara's gift she has the right apparel.

If you don't think Barb is patient, let me tell you, here's the deal. She hangs around with Hornets and she married Pat O'Neal. Al and Candy came to join us on Destin's sandy shore. Al I'm please to say tonight you're not the new guy any more.

Mike Pica came to visit us. I thought he'd want to stay. Although he used to live nearby now his house is in the bay. Soon brother Joe may join him here, escaping from the cold. Class of '64. Man! Joe, you're really old!

Jack and Susan just extended their permanent vacation. I think they've been retired since the Ford Administration. Another guy who hasn't changed'our pitcher friend named Ray. He's still a laid back kind of guy. In fact, he's quite Blosse.

Gary Ingwerson and Catee, though I wasn't in your lodge, Suppose I stop back later on and get a quick massage? Rachel brought her Buddy, and despite these forty years, She could still take center court, leading all the cheers.


Some of us were briefly at the school we call our own. For others, good old Clinton is the home they've always know. Friendships often come in pairs. That's really plain to see. And what if the initials match? Of course I mean JG.

Jenny Griga never ages. And Jenny's not alone. Judy Gordon? Hey you deserve a poem all your own. You got this whole thing rolling You're the woman with the plan. The master of reunions past. Now look what you began.

But when it's time to go back home there's never any doubt. Nobody can quite explain what this was all about. How does one explain the feelings these events instill? With honorary members like Diana's husband Bill.

They've joined the group so thoroughly I think that they could pass. In fact, Ross Williams thinks he was a member of the class. Ross and Patsy. How to thank you for a week we won't forget. The newspaper reminds us with a shot of Bob Ginnett.

The good old days come back when I talk with Paula Bowers And that smile from sweet Lynn Powers makes male classmates take cold showers. Remember Reno's Rumble, and the hijinks that ensued? Chris is off the hook this time, and in a Merry mood.

We met attorney Michael and our old friend Chris Rynkiewicz. Sorry but I just can't find a rhyme word for Rynkiewicz. Ron Callahan's wife like other spouses tolerates this stuff. The next time that we see you Xuan it won't be soon enough.

And of course, there's Michael Shema, the bad boy of the school. Despite my weejuns, I thought secretly the Hillcrest gang was cool. When it comes to high school horrors, though, where could I begin. I'm just glad this old casino guy chose to deal us in.

Just another week of memories for the class of '65, Though we're getting old and creaky we're still strongest in the hive. But if this goofy poem causes maladies and strife, You can stick it up your stingers, cause I'm President for Life!!!!

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