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My fellow classmates, I just want to say a few words about this class and the 55th Birthday Bash held on Pawleys' Island. What a great time we had and we sure missed seeing you there.

There were times during the wait for the Birthday Bash that I was wondering why I was going since in high school I didn't hang out with any of the folks coming but one and that was more a church thing. I had become very good friends with another one by email and as a cancer survivor myself, I went into support mode by email when I heard one of the group had breast cancer and wanted to see how she was doing. So, I went and went with an open mind....well, as open as it gets at this age. As Norman said one evening, as the six of us housemates sat together for a while after that evening's activities, the perceptions we carried in high school were no longer valid. There were no cliques there, just long-term friendships, like Judy and Jenny. That friendship dates back to elementary school days. A lot of new friendships were forged and a lot of "high school day perceptions" broken. You can ask Al Moroz and Bob Reilly who are now "sports jocks" in their own right for being on the winning team in the golf tournament that Norman and his wife Susan put together for the Bash. They had never come to a reunion event before, but tell us they had a super time and will be back.

We as a class are blessed with two wonderful people who give tirelessly to get the reunions to come off without a hitch. That would be Judy Gordon and Jenny Griga. We owe a lot to these two for keeping track of, and trying to enlarge the group that comes to these reunions. I would ask you as a member of the class of '65 to try a reunion again, if it has been a while since you have been to one, or for those of you that have never been, try one. The next reunion is June 25th 2005, so you have plenty of time to plan things out to be there. Leave your perceptions on the shelf at home and come with an open mind. Plan to make new friends and visit with old ones. It sure would be great to see you and add you to the family as Norman would say....

I would be remiss if I didn't take time to thank Judy Gordon for her assistance with getting all of this done for you. She has put up with my spelling Carmichael and O'Neal wrong, I don't know how many times while she proofed, she has been able to come up with top lines for pictures when I've had brain block. Her touches are thoughout these pages and the older sections also. Thank you Judy for your time, talent and patience.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from our 55th Birthday Bash. They have come from many classmates to be put here on the class web site for your enjoyment. So enjoy.


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