40th Reunion

Comments by Phill Gross

In case you didn't get a report from the 65 reunion Saturday, It was a smashing success, of course, thanks to the usual hard work and planning by Judy Gordon and others. Sometime around the middle of the evening, we noticed a few couples in tuxes and evening dresses out on the floor with the rest of the 65ers. A while later we noticed a few "younger" folks in Hawaiian shirts and straw hats joining the dancing. At some earlier 65 reunions, some 65ers had brought sons or daughters, and I recall thinking that the maybe the 65 offspring were a bit confused about the dress code. We soon learned that there had been a wedding reception and another reunion (luau-themed, Mount Vernon, 85) in the same hotel that evening. It turned out the 65 reunion outclassed these other events as the party crashers just kept coming. At one point, I was standing near the door as a group of beach-attired 85ers streamed in, and one of them turned to me and said, "You guys rock!". The DJ spiced the mixture by calling for alternate shout-outs from 65ers and 85ers, and a number of 85 gentlemen (and who could blame them?) were seen dancing with 65 ladies.

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