Dave Crawley

I remember the road we traveled as a moment in time ..
and a moment in rhyme.

It's a road through the past, with memories that last
Can you see it: There, through the trees.
It was back that-a-way, down old Piscataway...
Where we learned of the birds and the bees.

30 long years of laughter and tears
And here we are, once again
The memories stream like an unbroken dream
Of the way that it used to be .... then.

We were the legions bedecked in Bass Weejuns.
And madras that faded just so.
Teased hair and pegged slacks? Or Banlons and Macs?
Or was "collegiate" apropos?

We did math in Miss Noyes' room and smoked in the boy's room
Mr. Gruber rarely would fail us.
And if we slid by, and eluded his eye ...
Mrs. Johnson would nail us.

And when you're the prey of the dread Mrs. J
You knew there was nowhere to hide.
From the right length of shirts, to hemlines on skirts.
She ruled Surrattsville with ...Pryde.

Mrs. Moorehead, our pal, taught us words like "banal".
Coach Vaughn taught us how not to lose.
Mr. Ingram one day was in such disarray
He showed up with two different shoes.

We probed the mystery of medieval history.
We learned about Churchhill and Trotsky.
But I never caught hold of the symbol for gold ...
Despite efforts by ... Mrs. Boroski.

State basketball tourney. A College Park journey.
The experts' opinions were in.
Allegheny would romp in a basketball stomp.
And if not, well, Parkville would win.

But the pundits' prediction turned out to be fiction.
The Hornet's were grimly defiant.
For we had of course an invisible force:
We called it the Jolly Green Giant.

They rumbled and roared. They scrambled and scored.
Bill East and Phil Holmes to Blosse
Lee Smith with a slam. Big Norm for the jam.
The Green Giant guided their way.

Now I'd be the last to dwell in the past.
And a game, after all, is for fun.
They were long ago cheers. It's been 30 years.
But you know...I'm still damn glad we won.

There was Jan and Dean and the Surf City scene.
But I rapidly learned the score.
If there were two girls for each boy in the world.
Some guy out there had four

Sharp plastic rulers and milkshakes at Shuler's
The Harrigan's dress code was topless.
And casting a pall over Iverson Mall
Can it be true? We're Hot Shoppe-less.

Like it or not, in the school parking lot
Our class sign was rendered archaic.
What we painted that day has faded away.
And where did they take our mosaic?

The symbols are gone, but the times linger on
Just close your eyes.... and you're there.
Those long ago chats in the halls of Surratts
Live on in the memories we share

And this is the night when it all comes to light.
A night for remembering when.
With all that's unraveled, the Road That We Traveled...
Has brought us together...again.

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